The maisonette is designed on four semi levels.
First semi level: kitchen, dining area and spacious living room opened on a beautiful terrace, overlooking the sea and the garden. The whole room has French windows with aluminium shutters for sun protection in Mediterranean style.
Second semi level: a working space with a sea view situated over the kitchen and living room; WC for guests; one bedroom with private bathroom and toilette, balconies to them; an entire wall in the bedroom is provided for a wardrobe
Third semi level: master bedroom with magnificent view of the bay and a terrace, south-oriented. The terrace with teak wood, spread on both sides of the bedroom, is protected by pergolas. An entire wall of the bedroom is provided for a wardrobe. The bathroom is set to the rear, but a glass wall to the bedroom with a door in it will allow you to enjoy the sea view even if you are in the bathtub. The bathroom is organized and designed in two zones: a front area with a double sink, a large mirror and a bathtub, and a discreet zone with a toilet, bidet and a shower room. A small fireplace could be built in this bedroom.
Fourth semi level: spacious bedroom with private bathroom and two terraces
Separate access to the yard of the maisonette is provided.
Built in drainage system for installation of jacuzzi in the yard.
The apartment also has 12 sq.m. storeroom at the basement level.